Aaron Wayne - Sweet Dreams

Aaron Wayne - Sweet Dreams

Address: REZA Live Theatre, Branson, 645 State Hwy 165, 65616
Contact Phone: (417) 337-8455
Time: 75 min.
A CLEAN COMEDY HYPNOSIS show, where YOU become the Star! 
This 75 minute show begins at 5 p.m. It is not just another hypnosis show. This is a comedy filled, fun, and  interactive show!  Audiences will smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud as volunteers go on a hilarious tour of some of Branson's favorite action-packed places, using only their wild imaginations. In fact, volunteers become the star of this Branson show!

Using the power of suggestion, volunteers take a "tour" of Branson attractions using their imagination. At no time will the volunteer be put into an embarrassing situation. This show is all about good clean fun!

No one is ever forced to come up on stage. The people that volunteer will become the stars of the show!  They will have the most fun of anyone and leave the show feeling relaxed, happy and totally energized! 

Limited engagement at the REZA Live Theatre.   Appropriate for all ages.   "Funniest thing ever!"  "Three days later...still smiling!"  "Memories of a lifetime."


The all new Branson Famous Theater, home of the Branson Famous Baldknobbers, is located at 645 State Hwy 165 in Branson, Missouri 65616.